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Official Launch of Stockmoments™

Nov 22, 2013

Welcome to Stockmoments™!
We are proud to announce the official launching of Stockmoments™ on 22 November 2013!
Stockmoments™ is an innovative marketplace that connects owners of high-resolution camera mobile phones and smart devices, contributors, professionals and enthusiasts of photos, illustrations, vectors and videos from around the world to meet the burgeoning needs of artistic creativity and imagery freshness of the world.

Meaning behind the brand

The Stockmoment™ brand is formed by 2 words – Stock and Moments. ‘Stock’ refers to the stock videos, photos, illustrations and vectors contributed by creative professionals and enthusiasts around the world . ‘Moments’ refer to the capture of photos and video footages in the opportune moment in time and that these artistic contributions encapsulate the natural beauty and intrinsic story behind the imagery or video. The orange clock icon represents positive opportune moments.

Stockmoments™ is a service mark of Verztec Media Pte Ltd, an incorporated media company in Singapore.
To find out more about how Stockmoments™ work, please visit our "How it Works" page.
If you wish to contribute to Stockmoments™, please visit the "Contributor" page.
For any enquiries or feedbacks, please Contact Us or email us at
We look forward to your support!

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